Best Cloud Storage 2016: Cloud Storage is one of the advance ways of storing your personal files, photos, docs, videos, movies or any other stuffs online. I personally get it a great substitute of pen drives as you don’t need to carry pen drive all the time with you.

Whenever you want to access your files then you can login to your cloud storage service provider and access your data across the globe.

The users who are using these cloud services may or may not be satisfied with these services. Therefore, I am sharing a list of some best cloud storage services of 2016. You may go through the list and choose the best for your self.

Since it is the matter of security!

Best Cloud Storage 2016

So here the list of best cloud storage 2016 begins. I have listed these services by keeping care of popularity, security and user-friendly factors of each service.

So here you go;

1- Carbonite

The one of the best cloud storage services is Carbonite. It let you create unlimited data backup for your data. You can store unlimited data and it will be creating automatic backup of each of your file or doc. It means if any of your file get deleted accidentally then you can easily restore it.

But you will require to pay some bucks to get this awesome cloud storage service for your self. It has three plans, Basic, Plus and Prime and their rates and features are given below.



Now after going through its plan, if you want to buy it then click here.

2- iDrive

iDrive is another awesome cloud-storage service which let you take backup of your data. The awesome thing about this is that you can share your uploaded data as well with your friends or members without giving them access to your iDrive account.

iDrive ensures the complete security of your data and account. There are many trusted-websites who are using this service and sharing their positive reviews about it like; PC World, Tech Crunch and PC Magazine.

Same as above, it is a paid service and you are supposed to pay some bucks to get it for your self. Check out the price plans below.


Official Site.

3- Dropbox


Dropbox is very popular among general users who want to keep their computer data sync to their dropbox. The whole process works automatically. It allow you to share your uploaded file with your friends or mates very easily.

It is completely free to store up to 2 GB of files or data and ones you want to upload larger data then you require to pay some amount.

It is really fast to cloud storage service which require some minutes to upload your data and share it with your friends. You can access the official site from here.

4- OpenDrive

This also allows you unlimited storage, backup and content management. It is one solution for all problems. It is available for Windows, Mac and Android smartphones.

It has awesome technology which allow you to upload larger files without compressing or breaking them and that thing makes it awesome.

There are many online tools which are stick to it and you may use them to improve your experience with Open Drive.

However, to enjoy OpenDrive you need to pay some bucks and here I have listed the pricing plans below for you guys;


So now if you want to have this for yourself then go to this link.

5- Box

A very popular cloud-storage services which offer secure file sharing for you. It has very reasonable plans to start with. You don’t require a lot of skills or technical expertise to handle your Box account. It is very easy and even a novice can use it with complete ease.

The Box always occupies the best position when it comes towards the easy to use cloud services. There are many users who are using it as it is very simple to use. I have listed the pricing plans below for your convenience.



Official Site.

6- Acronis

Acronis is a service which provides you the full disk backup. If it is installed on your computer it will be taking backup of your data and will make it complete recoverable. You can multiple devices and computers according to your plans and then it will be backing up your data accordingly.

Almost all the process of automatic that means you don’t need to worry about anything, just sit back and relax! The pricing plans of Acronis are given below, refer them to choose according to your convenience.



Official Site.

7- ADrive


It is very cheap, easy-to-use and awesome cloud storage service which is popular among many users. It gives you very cheap plans for 100GB storage which attracts many of the users.

You can upload a single file of 2 to 16GB in one go on ADrive. You only need to drag and drop your files and it will be uploaded automatically. It also allow you to make certain files public or private that means whether to make your files shareable or not.

There is one awesome feature available on ADrive and that is Zoho Editor which let you edit your uploaded file without downloading them. It is really awesome to host or store text files. The pricing plans of ADrive varies with plans

If you are impressed with ADrive and want to buy it then head towards the Official Site.

8- Mozy


Mozy is the last cloud storage service which we have got for you. When you install it own your computer for the first time then it will take backup of your entire system. It gives you complete control over your backup and let you to set that how much bandwidth backup should take.

Moreover, it does not allow you to share files due to different security issues. You can also opt for a trial balance or can start with a less amount of $10. Refer the Official site to know more about it.

These were best Cloud Storage 2016. I am sure you guys must have found it helpful. Don’t forget to share your views and suggestion on this list. And let us know about your favorite cloud storage service.

Furthermore, if you have found this article helpful then do share it with others too. You may never know that any of your friend might be looking for best cloud storage services and this list can help him/her out.